“Is The Flame Burning Low?” – Cale Tyson

While many artists have beautiful voices, not everyone is able to cultivate a sense of intimacy with an audience, sharing confidences and conveying the immediacy of the emotions expressed through song.  Cale Tyson, a promising country artist  raised on a steady diet of great songwriters from his native Texas, does not have any problem making connections on the slow-smoldering plea “Is The Flame Burning Low?” Throughout the song, Tyson not only questions whether the embers of passion are dying down for his significant other  (all relationships have ebbs and flows), but wonders whether their love will be enough to sustain the relationship.  Noting the emotional withdrawal of his mate, he seeks assurance that they can weather the rough times.  Wailing pedal steel from Brett Resnick and mournful fiddle from  Rachel Baiman and  Christian Sedelmyer echo the urgency of Tyson’s concerns.

Tyson will release his new EP High on Lonesome on August 6, 2013.  The first single “Lonesome in Tennessee” can be streamed and purchased here.

Thanks to the team at Cabin Country for the beautiful video and to Country California for the recommendation.