Video Flashback: “I’d Rather Be Lonely” – Tyler Hilton

In my recommendation for Kylie Rae Harris’ Taking It Back EP, I cited “I’d Rather Be Lonely,” penned by singer-songwriter Tyler Hilton and producer Wayne Kirkpatrick, as one of the album highlights. In this video from several years back, Hilton performs a beautiful acoustic rendition of the ballad.

I’ve recently been listening Hilton’s dynamic Forget the Storm album, and while “I’d Rather Be Lonely” might have felt out of place on the more rock-oriented disc, I certainly wouldn’t object if Hilton ever wanted to revisit this song on another studio album. He’s one of those underrated artists who deserves more attention for his songwriting chops. Hilton fans might be interested to note that he does contribute background vocals to Harris’ version.

Thanks to stormtracker for this clip.