Runaway Angel’s Story Begins With “Our Story”

Cadence Grace, Ann Chaplin, and Stacey Zegers

“The best is yet to come,” Canadian trio Runaway Angel exults in the bridge of its  first release “Our Story,” and listeners would be wise to believe them.  While the song references the narrator’s need to let the rest of the world know about the depth of her love for her significant other,  fans may easily find themselves wanting to crow about the vocal chemistry shared by Ann Chaplin, Cadence Grace, and Stacey Zegers.  In its debut single, Runaway Angel not only praises togetherness, but showcases the group’s engaging blend of personalities through close harmonies and expressive phrasing.

Backed by lilting instrumentation, the tone of “Our Story”  ranges from matter-of-fact (“When I was looking at your face I knew right then and there you were worth a love song”) to dreamy (“The words keep pouring out like I’m reading a fairly tale out loud”).  It’s an unapologetic celebration of love, reveling in the narrator’s good fortune at finding the one with whom she wishes to spend the rest of her life. However, “Our Story” is not solely about commitment; the song also reflects the all-consuming pull of inspiration, when a writer feels compelled to capture her emotions.  Anyone who’s attempted to preserve a cherished moment in time can relate to the narrator’s dogged pursuit of putting pen to paper in order to affirm her feelings.

Ultimately, what anchors “Our Story” is the trio’s spirited, yet intimate vocals. The group’s sweet voices (which occasionally bring Ashley Monroe to mind) ably capture wonder and contentment, lending “Our Story” an air of tenderness.

Runaway Angel’s own story isn’t one of luck; rather it’s reliant on determination and belief.  While Zegers’ initial suggestion to form a group was met with hesitation and skepticism, the former solo artists took a leap of faith and joined forces in 2013. Since then the trio has forged ahead, playing showcases, recording, and collaborating with other songwriters. While only time will tell how the rest of their story unfolds, the ladies of Runaway Angel are off to a promising start.

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Runaway Angel received four nominations at the 2015 CMAO Awards, including Single of the Year and Songwriters of the Year for “Our Story.”

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