Thank God For The Radio

Thank God for the radio when I’m on the road.
When I’m far from home and feelin’ blue.
Thank God for the radio playin’ all night long;
Playin’ all the songs that mean so much to me and you.

Truthfully, I don’t listen to the radio a lot – at least not anymore.  In 2009, after the local country station rather unceremoniously fired the morning DJ  – and didn’t even give him a chance to say goodbye to the audience – I realized that I was tuning in based more on fondness for the past than because I enjoyed the current music being played. I just glanced through that radio station’s list of top songs, and I can’t say I regret giving it up.

Now the radio is generally reserved for car rides to and from  various places: work, the store, etc.  I listen to an adult contemporary station that plays a decent mix of music from the 70s to today.

Still, there’s a certain romantic aspect to listening to the radio –  a recognition of the world’s vast possibilities and a knowledge that even when life is difficult, it still holds promise. When darkness settles  (or even as it begins to fade), there’s a comfort when familiar voices come over the airwaves.   They embrace us like good friends, wrapping us up in the warmth of their arms and renewing our spirits.

There are probably too many songs that stir up that feeling to name a favorite, but, for me, “Thank God For The Radio” and “Nightshift” both encompass that sentiment.

The songs are coming through
At the end of a long day
It’s gonna be okay
On the nightshift.

Thanks to brotherhamlet for the “Thank God For The Radio” video.

21 thoughts on “Thank God For The Radio

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  18. I was brought up listening to the radio because back in the fifties, the radio was the best thing going. I could literally lose myself in the songs and drift away to where I wanted to be. I still listen to the radio, Rock on the old rocker friends!

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