Respect The Artist, Respect The Work

If you browse around Goodnight Hestia, one thing you’ll immediately notice is that most of the musicians I post about are independent artists.  There are several mainstream singers and bands I  adore, but I think my strengths as a writer lie in exploring the work of less-heralded acts.  When I post about these musicians, I try to stick to a fairly simple mantra: respect the artist, respect the work.

I always want to acknowledge the passion and commitment that goes into the act of creating. As listeners, we’re blessed to hear the final result of an artist’s labor. We’re spared a lot of the tedious and pain-staking measures that lead to a finished product.

I’ve mentioned before that I want to honor the work that’s been put into a recording and the people who’ve made that recording a reality.  The artists who consistently produce strong material make this an easy policy to follow.  Other times, I hear something in a particular song or a singer’s voice that sparks my interest and makes me curious about that musician’s future prospects.

Basically, I’m not interested in tearing musicians down. This blog is supposed to be enjoyable, not a chore to produce.  I’m more likely to focus on what I perceive to be a musician’s strengths than his weaknesses.  I express my honest opinion, but I’m also not going to spend much time posting about songs or albums that I dislike.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in negativity and a lot harder for me to express appreciation for something that moved me. That’s something I really have to work to avoid.