“Don’t Let This Line Stop Rollin'” – Whisky River

There’s a comforting familiarity present in the folk stylings of  Canadian quartet Whisky River,  consisting of Mike Moore, Peter Zantingh, Paul Faulkner, and Dan Futa. With a firm focus on story over extraneous frills,  the band ably channels the frustration, loneliness, and longing of a man grappling with the loss of his love.  Part lament and part prayer, “Don’t Let This Line Stop Rollin'” also boasts a wary optimism as the protagonist continues to reluctantly embrace each new day, seeking out a sense of calmness that he can only find in his daily travels.  Those who’ve struggled with the same conflicts can appreciate the song’s nuances. Time may not heal all wounds, but if offers perspective, and occasionally, peace of mind.

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