“Made For Me” – Artist Vs Poet

Kiss-offs don’t always sound this sweet, but leave it to Artist Vs Poet to put the ace in acerbic.  Just call it pop without apologies.  Bemoaning superficiality (hers and his) and jabbing at wounded pride, “Made For Me” is pure ear candy with a tart aftertaste.

The Los Angeles-based band (which originated in Texas) knows a thing or two about shaking off past relationships.  When the group was dropped by its label following the departure of some members, the remaining bandmates rebounded by opening themselves up to new opportunities.  Lead singer Joe Kirkland gained additional exposure as a part of Adam Levine’s team in Season 3 of The Voice. However,  the moment that officially put me in Artist Vs Poet’s camp was the release of the  ballad “Break.”  More empowering than bitter,  it emerged as one of the highlights on 2013’s Sleep EP.

I imagine I fall outside of the Artist Vs Poet’s intended audience; nonetheless, the infectious hooks continually draw me in.

Filmed in black and white, this live studio rendition of “Made For Me” makes it obvious that break ups are rarely clear-cut affairs, even when two people fail to find common ground.   The narrator simultaneously marvels and shudders at his former beau’s audacity:  “Girl, you know you can’t win ’em all/If you could, God help us all.” Slightly bratty? Perhaps, but also deliciously scathing.

“Made For Me” can be found on Artist Vs Poet’s Sake of Love, available on iTunes and Amazon.