“Girls Gather Round” – Jody Mulgrew & The Skeleton Crew

mulgrew_skeletoncrewHeartache never goes out of style.  Swept away in the heady rush of initial attraction, all too often people find themselves flailing through regrettable relationships that end with less than satisfying resolutions.   Advice not to proceed rashly is rarely heeded.

Questionable choices abound on “Girls Gather Round”, the first single off Jody Mulgrew & the Skeleton Crew’s forthcoming album Let Them Talk, and that’s part of the tune’s slice-of-life appeal.  The retro rocker is a disarmingly self-aware song that proves equally relevant today. Admittedly blinded by his own lovesick tendencies, the narrator is nonetheless game to jump headfirst into each new romantic adventure.  “You could be the next to break my heart,” Mulgrew croons invitingly, announcing his presence as “the new fool in town.”

While the Skeleton Crew is a relatively new band, California native Mulgrew might already be familiar to fans from his work with the now-disbanded Americana act The Johnny Starlings or his own solo endeavors.  Mulgrew’s solo debut Rocket Ship arrived in 2011, racking up critical acclaim, and he won the Abe Olman Scholarship for Excellence in Songwriting from the  Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2012 before he teamed up with Sebastian Luna (bass) and Anthony Langston (drums). Since then, the trio’s honed its sound, releasing the Darkness on the Edge of Baywood EP in 2013 and prepping its full-length debut.

Let Them Talk, which will include eight original compositions and covers of  Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” and Buddy Holly’s “Crying, Waiting, Hoping”, will be released on June 17, 2014 and is available for pre-order.  “Girls Gather Round” is available on iTunes and Amazon.