Pointed Avoidance

Quotation marks are a must.

Commas, semicolons, and colons are all welcome friends.

However, I avoid exclamation points  in my posts about music.

Tagging an exclamation point onto the end of a sentence feels a bit too much like commanding someone to get excited/be happy/engage in an epic freak-out over an artist or song.  Feelings can’t be coerced; each person relates to the sounds that wind through their ears differently.

You can try to persuade someone to come to your point of view. You can plead and cajole. But you can’t ever substitute your emotions for another person’s.

The beauty of music lies in how seemingly disparate people can find common ground in a song.  That can’t be forced. It’s only obtained through a willingness to engage in conversation, careful consideration of others’ views, and a little luck.

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