Adam James Longs For A Song “Sweet, Soft, Sad, Slow, Southern”

I’m a sucker for songs about rambling, so it’s no surprise that Adam James’ gently winding “Sweet, Soft, Sad, Slow, Southern” caught my ear.

I live a rather stationary life; truth be told, I’m (mostly) a homebody.  There’s something about the imagery of being on the road that appeals to my own guarded restlessness, even though work and other responsibilities don’t provide much opportunity for travel.

For musicians, the road seems to foster both a sense of camaraderie and tension, a notion captured in “Sweet, Soft, Sad, Slow, Southern.” The song nods to Nashville transplant James’ life as a touring musician.

Lilting and soothing, “Sweet, Soft, Sad, Slow, Southern” explores homesickness, but it also recalls how a familiar melody can help ease the heartache. The song’s narrator desperately misses his love, but her voice (also “sweet, soft, sad, slow, and Southern”) gives him the comfort he needs to persevere. She becomes the song he carries along his travels. James’ tender song is a reminder of the strength required not only of those who journey away from home, but those who remain behind.

I’m appreciative of songs that speak to the sense of yearning we all experience. Regardless of where we plant our roots, we all need “a little taste of home to lean on.”

“Sweet, Soft, Sad, Slow, Southern” can be found on The Miss America EP (available on iTunes or Amazon).