Heartache Leads To “Yodelin’ Blues”

Her husky, seductive voice lures in listeners and can leave emotional devastation in its wake. Phoenix, Arizona native Tommy Ash knows how to hook an audience, as she does with “Yodelin’ Blues,” a blunt tale of obsession and heartache driven by an intoxicating guitar groove.

Equal parts mournful lament and fiery accusation, the song assesses the aftermath of a love gone wrong: “You put a love spell on me/My eyes were open but I could not see/You took my sun/You left me the rain,” Ash sings ruefully, as the narrator acknowledges a gaping blind spot in regards to her former beau.  Nonetheless, this isn’t a character who elicits pity.  Thanks to the ardent vocal delivery of Ash, who manages to sound both regretful and defiant, listeners are left with the feeling that a stronger-willed woman will eventually emerge from the wreckage of her broken heart with her spirit intact.

“Yodelin’ Blues” is featured on the excellent 2013 album Sinner’s Blood available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. The music video was shot by the team at Willan House.

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