Kathryn Legendre Blazes Her Own Path

Kathryn Legendre is a great champion not only of country music, but artists in general. The Texas native writes Quarters For The Jukebox,  in which she profiles worthy music and musicians. Legendre’s a much-welcome voice in the blogosphere due to her wide-ranging tastes and appreciation for both legends and newcomers. She’s  enamored with and knowledgeable about traditional country music, and her respect for her peers and her readers is always evident in her posts.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that in this performance of “Setting The Hills On Fire” (recorded during an interview for the Austin music podcast LesFire) she expresses her admiration for another artist, the lovely Brennen Leigh. It’s always a treat to get a glimpse at the inspiration behind a great song. The clip above, featuring Brian Broussard on guitar and backing vocals, also shows Legendre’s a gifted singer and songwriter in her own right. She delivers her songs with heart, soul, and plenty of twang.

I’d highly recommend checking out both her blog and her music. She is currently planning to record her sophomore album and the proceeds from sales of her 2013 album Old Soul will help fund it.

Kathryn Legendre: Official site | Facebook | Bandcamp
Brian Broussard (Mayeux and Broussard):  Facebook | Bandcamp

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