Molly Brown Finds Travel Sweeter When Shared By Two

Featuring the stirring fiddle playing of Anne Lindsay, Canadian singer-songwriter Molly Brown’s single “Travel in Twos” is a quietly intoxicating mix of folk and country, managing to capture both the tranquil and rousing aspects of the love shared between two globetrotters.  As they plot their course, they reflect on where they’ve been and ponder where they’ll wind up.

“Baby, what’s the use/Of these greens and blues/If you ain’t got no one to see ’em with you,”  Brown wonders, acknowledging that the journey is sweeter because of her companion.  Accompanied by Lindsay and Tim Vesely (Rheostatics, The Violet Archers) on bass, Brown’s angelic voice soars, swelling from an affectionate hush and crescendoing during the heady chorus.

Brown, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, currently resides in Nashville.  She is preparing to record her debut EP. “Travel in Twos” can be downloaded on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.