“Lonesome Wind” – Sheridan Hill

While the three men who comprise country group Sheridan Hill now reside in Nashville, it’s evident that their home state of Arizona is never far from their hearts. Brothers Dakota and Dylan Beavers and father Lance pay homage to their roots throughout the trio’s debut Western Boy, most notably on the title track, but also on the affecting album closer “Lonesome Wind.” The sorrowful ballad evokes the grand scope of the state’s landscape while capturing the desolation and determination of the song’s protagonists.

Country, pop, and rock converge on Western Boy, an eight-song EP that predominately revolves around predicaments of the heart.  Not every song is my cup of tea, although I understand the reasoning behind the inclusion of each on the album. “Lonesome Wind” is a carefully rendered tale of yearning that emerges as the best of the bunch, unfolding like a sweeping epic as its characters journey west through raging weather that mimics their pain. One searches for solace from heartache; the other follows in pursuit of patching things up following a misunderstanding.

Although there’s a romantic aspect to the chase that ensues, the real potency of the song lies in its vocal and instrumental performances. Dakota’s commanding voice rises above a gathering storm of swirling guitar that shivers and howls, melding in hushed harmony by Dylan and Lance. The Beavers family obviously works well together, with “Lonesome Wind” representing the burgeoning promise of a group now pursuing its dream in earnest.

Author’s note: Sheridan Hill is now known as WesternBoy. Find the band on Facebook: WesternBoy

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