3 Day Quote Challenge: John Steinbeck

To finish is sadness to a writer—a little death. He puts the last word down and it is done. But it isn’t really done. The story goes on and leaves the writer behind, for no story is ever done.

– John Steinbeck, “In Awe of Words” (republished in the Paris Review)

And with that, we come to the conclusion of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Thanks again to Apple Pie and Napalm for inviting me to participate.

It seems appropriate to end with this quote since just about any writer can relate to it, regardless of the type of writing we do. Sending words out into the world is gratifying, but daunting.

Part of the charm of blogging is the fluid nature of the medium which allows people to revise their posts even after hitting the publish button. Some of my posts have 25+ revisions; several of these revisions occur months after the initial publication date.

In some ways, blogging mirrors the state of my life. Much like Goodnight Hestia, I am a constant work in progress. We all are.  That common trait connects us as writers, and, if we’re lucky, as friends.