“Mercy” – Cross Atlantic

Update: As of May 26, 2017, “Mercy” is officially available for purchase. Buy “Mercy”on  iTunes or Amazon.

From November 26, 2015:

Despite calling different parts of the world home, proud Englishman James Sinclair Stott and Missouri native Karli Chayne were both drawn to Nashville’s vibrant music community. A chance meeting led to a friendship that’s blossomed into country duo Cross Atlantic.  Playing well with others is nothing new for the pair: Stott has been part of and toured extensively with several bands, and Chayne has performed frequently with the Song Suffragettes showcase.

Any duo’s success relies on chemistry. Fortunately, Stott and Chayne demonstrate quite a bit in their performances. Teaming up with Stormlight Pictures, they recently shot a video for a new version of the sultry ballad “Mercy”, previously featured on Chayne’s album Voices. Chayne taps into her bluesy tone, leading the way through a slow-burning profession.  Stott’s warm harmonies offer steady support, adding an element of comfort to a song that’s part confession, part plea.

In their composition “Two Is Better” Stott and Chayne assert, “I could sing on my own/Find a melody for one/But two is better.” That certainly appears to be true in Cross Atlantic’s case.

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