“Around The Bend” – Runaway Angel

It’s definitely fitting that my first post of 2016 is about Runaway Angel. 2015 was a breakout year for the Canadian trio, with Ann Chaplin, Cadence Grace and Stacey Zegers scoring four nominations at the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards. This year figures to be even bigger as the group releases its debut EP. This reflective single co-written with Nashville scribe Beau Fuller (Gwen Sebastian, Sherrie Austin), may be my favorite of Runaway Angel’s releases.

There’s a homey quality to this video that I particularly like – a warmth and sincerity that the group manages to exude in the midst of a cold, calculating industry. While “Around The Bend” doesn’t break new ground thematically, the trio’s polished harmonies gleam as brightly as the video’s twinkling background lights, providing additional luster to the song’s universal message. Edward Platero, who also directed Runaway Angel’s “My Someday” video, beautifully captures the rapport among the trio, utilizing lingering close shots to make listeners feel a part of the experience.

These ladies are not consumed with trying to be cool or playing to a particular fan base.  They don’t boast about their country bonafides or denigrate others. Rather, they’re confident in their own bold, bright sound, which draws generously from country and pop influences. The women of Runaway Angel simply enjoy making music together, and it shows.

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