“Ready To Get Hurt Again” – Trevor McSpadden

Fans of Chicago honky-tonkers The Hoyle Brothers should instantly recognize the voice of the band’s former lead singer Trevor McSpadden, and they’ll also be familiar with “Ready To Get Hurt Again”, the first single from his forthcoming release The Only Way (out May 6, 2016). McSpadden, who fronted the group for five years, recorded the nimble tune for a ten-song set that’s sure to please ears and hearts. The Texas native, who now calls California home, has been readying this new full-length album with a crackerjack team of musicians, including Grammy-winning producer Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam, Buck Owens, Lucinda Williams) and the critically lauded Dave Gleason Trio.

“Ready To Get Hurt Again” jauntily navigates post-heartache terrain with the song’s narrator offering up a tongue-in-cheek assessment of his readiness to love again: “I’m ready to get hurt again/My heart’s been too long on the mend.” The tune pointedly recognizes the risks associated with doggedly pursuing the affections of another (“You roll them dice and keep yourself believing/ That this time you won’t end up black and blue”), a pragmatic acknowledgement that even the sweetest romance can sour.  McSpadden smoothly delivers the infectious (and ultimately hopeful) tune with ease and wit, ensuring that “Ready To Get Hurt Again” will sound heaven-sent to fans of traditional country.

The Only Way is currently available for pre-order on McSpadden’s official site and Bandcamp.

Trevor McSpadden: Official site | Facebook

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