“Shine” – Jessie T

Over the past few days, I’ve been listening to Jessie Treneer’s (Jessie T) debut album Reckless Heart, a generally sunny country-pop affair interspersed with shreds of darkness. The Canadian singer-songwriter, who’s honed her craft under the guidance of producer J. Richard Hutt, composes songs that are uplifting, but not overly treacly. Treneer’s supple vocals soar as she relates tales of people coming into their own.

Part of the appeal of her songs is that Treneer is quick to acknowledge the uncertainty her characters experience, even as they must stand firm in the midst of life-altering¬†decisions. “Shine” revolves around a young woman’s discovery of her own self-worth, but also chronicles the way the protagonist second-guesses her choice.

Change, of course, is rarely without hiccups. Personal empowerment does not occur solely from a position of strength; it is also born from weakness. Treneer’s emphasis on the value of giving oneself time to heal is a welcome reminder that emerging from the shadows can be a long process, but it is one worth undertaking.

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