Where It All Began

jesse terryWhen I began Goodnight Hestia, I didn’t have a lot of grand aspirations. This blog was born more out of necessity than anything else. I knew when I heard Jesse Terry’s sophomore album Empty Seat On A Plane that I would write a review of it; I just didn’t know how the piece would turn out.

I did realize that I would need a decent amount of space for my thoughts. However, I had deleted my first music blog, Melodic Sunburst, and stayed away from blogging for two years.  In fact, I had barely written anything during that time, but the upcoming release of Empty Seat On A Plane seemed like an opportune time to begin again. As a warm-up, I recorded my thoughts about the Steel Wheels’ Lay Down, Lay Low. I thought the entry turned out relatively well, but I still approached the review of Empty Seat On A Plane with nervousness.

You might wonder why I felt nervous. Truthfully, every recommendation/review makes my stomach knot. I always want my pieces to be fair, accurate and carefully composed. This particular review also felt a bit more personal because several of the songs on Empty Seat On A Plane revolve around a crucial time in Jesse’s life: meeting and marrying his wife Jess. (For those wondering, Jesse and Jess recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary.)

That said, I never tell an artist that I plan to write a review. I worry that speaking to a musician prior to writing a review would somehow compromise my honest reaction to the work. And while I only have the patience to post about music I enjoy, I want to make sure that my reviews genuinely reflect the way the music affects me.

Looking back at the original post, I think it still holds up well, but there’s always room for improvement. I’ve learned I’m rarely satisfied, but that’s okay. Writing for Goodnight Hestia is alternately draining and therapeutic, but that’s all part of the process. I firmly believe that good songs must take listeners on a journey, and I hope my blog entries will take them on a journey as well.

The original entry: Album Recommendation: Empty Seat On A Plane – Jesse Terry