A Brief Rewind: Adieu 2016

I’m rarely satisfied with my blogging output. I always feel as if I can do more – I always want to do more – but unfortunately, time manages to creep away as reality settles in. On a personal level, this year has been far from my favorite. I struggled with some health, professional, and family challenges. That’s just life, I suppose, but fortunately, comfort can always be found amidst melodies that curl around listeners like beloved friends.

I am forever grateful for all of the music makers out there. Thank you for sharing little bits of your soul and opening yourselves up in ways many others (including me) often avoid.

If you read a post on Goodnight Hestia this year, thank you. According to the stats, the majority of 2016’s visitors came from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom (not terribly surprising since most of the artists I’ve blogged about are from those countries). Thanks for indulging my rambling.

Below are the ten most read posts from this year:


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Album Recommendation: My Own Best Enemy – Dan Patterson


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Album Recommendation: Something That You Know – Mason Lee


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“Ready To Get Hurt Again” – Trevor McSpadden


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Cross Atlantic

“Mercy” – Cross Atlantic¬†(actually published in late 2015)


4 thoughts on “A Brief Rewind: Adieu 2016

  1. Glad you’re still at it, at the pace that makes sense for you. Here’s hoping for a happier, healthier 2017. (Good music helps.)

  2. Honestly, this is exactly how I feel about 2016 almost word for word. Thanks for your great work Carolyn.

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