“Easy” – Runaway Angel

Director: Edward Platero

Brief thoughts on the single from “Favorite Songs of 2016:”

“Easy” – Runaway Angel
Album: No End In Sight
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The penultimate track on the Canadian trio’s debut is less a break-up song than a statement of resolve. Bolstered by her bandmates Ann Chaplin and Stacey Zegers’ tight harmonies, Cadence Grace delivers a fiery vocal performance, blazing her way through the bridge with rousing intensity. The song’s narrator denounces both a former beau’s put downs and personal doubt, eventually realizing that leaving is simpler than living with regret: “Every time you told me that I couldn’t do better/Every time I told myself that I could never/Let myself believe that I could do this on my own/This is easy.”

Quite simply, this song and video are beautifully done.