Jillian Steele: “I Am My Best Me…”

While Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter Jillian Steele simply bills the compositions on her debut EP Find Me as “songs about relationships”, the most important connections revealed over the course of five tracks are not romantic entanglements. Rather, it is the Long Island native’s relationship with self that takes precedence.  Ultimately, freedom emerges as the dominant topic on Find Me. Whether chafing against the restraints of a possessive love interest (first single “Property”) or unrealistic expectations, Steele (living up to her moniker) consistently writes and sings about women discovering strength from within.  Whatever their situation, from seeking solace on the dance floor to finding empowerment in personal choices, the narrators on the album articulate the importance of self-worth.

Find Me, anchored by Steele’s distinctive voice, is full of robust hooks that lend themselves to singing along. However, the gentle “23”, the penultimate song on the EP, perhaps best sums up Steele’s convictions. “I am my best me,” she asserts in the chorus, repeating it twice for emphasis. Steele delivers the sentiment with the assurance of a young woman who understands the value of her time and affections, and one who refuses to hold herself back out of deference to another.

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2 thoughts on “Jillian Steele: “I Am My Best Me…”

  1. Interesting. As someone who doesn’t listen to *a ton* of Pop, I am always interested in hearing a good Pop act. I’ll be sure to check her out! Great post, your writing really is excellent!

    1. Thanks for the comment. :) There’s a dark undertone to some of the songs that’s an interesting contrast to the exuberant production.

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