On Repeat: Caitlin James, Kayley Hill, Hannah Blaylock, Charley Woods, Aleyce Simmonds

Perhaps there’s no true rhyme or reason to these selections. Topics span new love and heartbreak, regret and nostalgia. Whether it be a certain turn of phrase, the quaver in the artist’s voice, or robust instrumentation, these songs off albums that were released this year have remained in my mind. The common thread between these musicians is a joy and care for their craft, and a gift for tapping into a wellspring of emotion in a way that resonates with listeners. I hope you’ll enjoy these songs as much as I have.

“Wild With You” – Caitlin James
Album: Wild iTunes | Bandcamp

Favorite lyric: “There’s nothing careless about me/So let me take care of you”

“Corner of Yawkey” – Kayley Hill
Album: Never Knew LoveiTunes | Amazon

Favorite lyric: “With each step we grew wiser/And learned of things we couldn’t do without”

“Fences” – Hannah Blaylock
Album: Bandit QueeniTunes | Amazon

Favorite lyric: “I’m the calm, you’re the wind/And that comes with consequences/Cause there’s just something/About cowboys and fences”

“Spotlight Moon” – Charley Woods
Album: Starting Gate iTunes | Amazon

Favorite lyric: “Like a newborn baby opens her eyes/Like the first summer night it’s warm enough to chase fireflies/Glowing in the dark”

“You Come Back” – Aleyce Simmonds
Album: More Than Meets The Eye iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp

Favorite lyric: “Maybe when good is good again/When happiness doesn’t end/Maybe when truth will always stand as a friend”