Live Sessions Introduce Listeners To Carousel’s Impressive Talents

The release of the sterling Live Sessions 2017  will undoubtedly whets listeners’ appetites for the forthcoming EP (due out September 22, 2017) from UK Americana quartet Carousel. Hailing from the Southend-on-Sea area, the band is comprised of multitalented musicians Thomas Eatherton, Chris Hobart, Sarah Holburn, and Toby Shaer.

Carousel boasts a winning combination of impressive vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and pulsating instrumentation. Live Sessions provides a dynamic introduction to the group’s heartfelt sound. The quartet’s chemistry is palpable throughout the five-song primer,  marking Carousel as an act worth watching.

Based on Live Sessions, fans have much to look forward to when the group releases its debut later this year. Producer Peter Waterman of Longcroft Recording expertly helmed the process of bringing the five-track collection to life. (Check out a behind the scenes look at the creation of the EP on the Longcroft Recording blog.) The band members are joined on the recording by drummer Evan Carson and pianist James Softly.

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