The Backroom Sound Premieres Mason Lee’s “It Was Us”

It’s¬†always a treat to listen to new music from Mason Lee. Centered around¬† reflective lyrics and golden melodies, his songs are often tinged with nostalgia, yet also speak to how the past influences the present.

“It Was Us” recalls the simmering potency of a love affair that “burn[s] out eventually in time.” Lee’s fond, confessional tune conveys that the narrator’s recollections are more sweet than bitter, speaking to a kind of peace in the aftermath of the pair’s parting. These days it might be more popular to disparage a former partner; Lee opts for the high road.

Lee is joined for the Backroom Sound session by Tevo Christmann, Jason Cohen, Molly Lins, and Kris Luis, with Ian Schonfiniski recording the video. “It Was Us” was co-written with Brooks Hubbard, who will release his new album American Story on October 27, 2017.

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