Joanna Yaeger’s “Nowhere” Is Alternately Aching, Adoring

Listeners may immediately be drawn to the wordplay of singer-songwriter Joanna Yaeger’s latest single, a tune brimming with tenderness and vulnerability. Co-written by Sarah Lake and Andrew Beason, “Nowhere” flips a phrase that could have a negative connotation (“I ain’t going nowhere”) into an expression of devotion.

Alternately aching and adoring, the song addresses the ghosts haunting a current romance and offers reassurance for the future.¬†The narrator’s feelings of pain over being pushed aside (“Just when you let me in/That’s when you cut me loose”) are accompanied by a dogged commitment¬† to the relationship (“There’s no chance I’m leaving/That’d be way too easy”).

The acoustic version above centers around Yaeger’s melliflous vocals, showcasing the talent that has won over fans since her debut EP All I Need.

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