“I Am All I Need To Be…”

The steady throb of a rambling heart can’t be denied. The lure of greener pastures calls to singer-songwriter Becca Smith on the title track from her forthcoming debut album I-26. Confident in her decision to seek out new ventures (“I am all I need to be” Smith asserts in the chorus), the narrator of this gently winding ode to wanderlust offers thanks to her hometown for her formative years while also acknowledging the need to follow new, uncertain dreams.

According to her official site, South Carolina native Smith’s debut (due out July 24, 2018) is a labor of love:

Recorded with James Frolio and mastered by Jeremy Lubsey of Truphonic Studios, the album is independently produced, boasting twelve original songs that are sure to woo audiences young and old.

Listen to the title track (and the rest of the album) below.

Becca Smith: Official site