A Brief Appreciation: Auburn Road

At the intersection of passion and perseverance, you’ll find Auburn Road, a lively country-pop trio hailing from California. Kristen Brown, Paxton Martin, and Alicia Paulson have been singing together since childhood. As young adults they continue to meld their distinctive voices into dulcet harmonies.

They released their debut albumĀ Fancy in 2016 before they even graduated from high school, co-writing all seven of the original songs and recording a soaring cover of James Taylor’s “That Lonesome Road.”

Those of you who love listening to Christmas music year-round (raising my own hand) should definitely check out their Christmas EP An Auburn Road Christmas, an excellent showcase of the group’s ability to breathe new life into classic material. They’re capable of delivering emotional performances that can resonate with audiences of all ages.

As young musicians, their growth is ongoing. Their latest release “Outlaw” is the first single off their forthcoming EP Mustang Vol. 1.

Perhaps one of the most gratifying things about Auburn Road is the sheer sense of joy the members seem to take in singing with each other. Their camaraderie is inspirational in a me-first world. May that genuine bond continue to carry them over peaks and valleys.

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