Two Playlists

So far, this year blog posts have been nonexistent. Not due to a lack of good music, but rather a lack of time and, admittedly, motivation.  Other matters have taken precedence, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on past songs that impacted me as well as acknowledge some current favorites.

I’ve compiled two playlists. The first encompasses some of the songs I’ve mentioned on the blog from its inception to my Favorite Songs of 2018 list. It appropriately begins with the Steel Wheels, a versatile band whose progress I’ve enjoyed following for over nine years, and fittingly ends with up-and-coming singer-songwriter Jess Jocoy. She recently gained some attention for her appearance on the TV show Songland. (For those wondering, “Easy,” the composition she performed, was originally on her debut EP New Heart/Old Soul when it was released last year, but it’s been removed.) Narrowing the playlist down to fifty selections wasn’t an easy task, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the tunes.

The second playlist features some of my favorite songs of 2019…so far. Picking ten selections that resonated with me was a bit trickier than I expected (and resulted in the exclusion of some other favorites such as Ladies’ Code’s effervescent “Feedback” and the absolute earworm “Find U Again”), but I quite like this list . The artists below span a variety of genres and hail from four different countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and South Korea.

The first artist on the playlist, Grace Carter, is a young talent who consistently blows me away with her rafter-rattling anthems. She’s the true definition of turning pain into power. The UK is full of promising musicians, so here’s hoping she gets her chance to truly break through. Young women need to be encouraged and celebrated.