“Down” Pairs Up A.C.E and Grey

The release of “Down” marks the second collaboration for South Korean pop group A.C.E this year, following the Steve Aoki-helmed remix of “Fav Boyz” featuring Thutmose in January. For this sprightly single, the quintet teams up with EDM duo Grey for a tale centered around the possibility of blossoming love. (Group member Kim Seyhoon – known by the stage name Wow – is currently on hiatus due to health reasons. While he doesn’t physically appear in the video, his vocals can still be heard on the track.) “Down” is also the group’s second single fully in English following 2018’s collaboration with DJ HCUE on “I Feel So Lucky.”

As the song unfolds, some pertinent details emerge. The narrator is a bit of a loner – but not lonely – and seemingly content with this existence until he encounters a potential love interest that gives him pause. During the chorus he proposes a weekend getaway that could continue to nurture the tentative connection before lamenting their inevitable parting in a yearning bridge.

Personally, the song has grown on me with repeated listens. While it doesn’t quite reach the euphoric highs of some of A.C.E’s past work, “Down” – much like its somewhat shy yet sweet narrator – has its own charms.

Side note: For those who want to support the group, I highly encourage you to purchase the single (either on Amazon or iTunes), provided that you have the funds. (Do not sacrifice your own needs to buy music.) This is really the best way to demonstrate your interest in their work. I constantly see laments on various social media platforms about certain groups being underrated; however, if fans don’t make the effort to support their favorites, who will? Obviously, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, and many people simply cannot afford to purchase music. Nonetheless, complaining that “X deserves more” does not accomplish anything. Instead, fans need to actively be part of the solution.

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