Jackson+Sellers Reimagine Julie Miller’s “The Devil Is An Angel”

Blazing guitars only serve to emphasize the angelic vocals of Americana singer-songwriters Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers on a blistering cover of Julie Miller’s “The Devil Is An Angel,” the first single off the forthcoming album Breaking Point. Due out on October 22, 2021, the ten-track release will surely be a potent showcase for two rising talents. The album is described by their label Anti Records as a “masterclass in unexpected vocal harmonic convergence, soundtracked by raw guitars, driving drums and a singular pop-rock sound that weaves a sonic thread between 70s rock, 90s raucous roots, and modern indie pop. ” In addition to “The Devil Is An Angel”, Breaking Point features both originals and covers of Suzi Quatro (“The Wild One”) and Shannon Wright (“Has Been”).

The partnership between Jackson and Sellers began in the midst of the pandemic when Jackson asked Sellers to record background vocals for a song. (Anti Records notes that they connected “via a social media DM.”) Both women have received critical acclaim for their solo work (Jackson’s albums include Gilded and Wilderness while Sellers has released New City Blues and Far From Home) so fans can look forward to their debut as a duo.

“The Devil Is An Angel” can be found on Miller’s 1997 album Blue Pony.

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